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Shahzain Herbal International

Shahzain Herbal International UK Ltd, formally known as Shahzain Dawakhana established in 1930. Since then company helped countless patients around the world by providing treatment of diseases including infertility, Hair fall solution, Premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, hepatitis B & C, Chorle Gl disorcled, Blood presurre, Diabetes, Leprosy and Eczema Piles,.

Our Medicines are manufactured by 100% Natural Herbs, do not have any side effect, Treatment with Healthy Diet.
We manufacture medicine ourselves and we do not have any other branch or distributre.

Shahzain Herbal International Products

Tablet Hair Oil

Tablet hair oil
Is your hair dry? Do you need fast regrowth? Do you suffer from thinning of hair?...

Hayat e Afza

Medicine for Fitness
Best for inferitlity, in Men, Increase & Thicken the seminal
flouid & reproductive germs...

Karanji Shadeed

Medicine help for babay
Best for inferitlity, in Women, Abnormalities in menses,

Seen Berg

Medicine for Piles
Useful for Pimples, hemorrhoid
Effective remdy for allwegies due to intrinsic heat medicine...

Food Supplement

Medicine for Fitness
Premature ejaculation,
Performance anxiety,
Erectile dysfunction...


Medicine for Dry cough, Medicine for stomach
Dry cough, All internal infections of stomach, lungs, liver and intestines Certain tumors...


Effective for heart
Relives Uretral inflammation,
Effective for heart,
Burn & Bladder Irretation...

Akseer e jigger

Medicne Heaptits B. C
Liver Diseases,
Hepatitis B & C,
Jaundice, anemia...